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Need a Will or Estate Planning Advice? T Legal Will Lawyers Adelaide can draft a Will for you from as little as $200 plus GST. In fact all of our Wills, Power of Attorney, Power of Guardianship, Medical Powers and general advice from T Legal Estate Planning Lawyers Adelaide are discounted everyday, saving you more!

  • Wills and Estate Planning

Drafting a Will should not be your only consideration when you take the important step of having a Will Lawyer draft your Will. You also need to consider Estate Planning, Business Succession, Taxation Issues and your Power of Attorney, Power of Guardianship and Medical Agency nominations. T Legal Will Lawyers Adelaide and our Estate Planning Lawyers in Adelaide have an affordable and flexible set fee structure for the type of advice you need.

One of T Legal Lawyers specialist Will Lawyers, with a firm knowledge of Estate Planning Law, as it applies in Adelaide and South Australia, can assist you through this entire process in a fast and affordable fashion.

Take action now and contact one of our expert Adelaide Will Lawyers. We are always surprised by the amount of people who insure their house year after year, usually to cover for the extremely low risk of a fire occurring, but yet, all too often, do not take the time to ensure their family is properly cared for in have a Will Lawyer draft a Will for them. Nor have they sought, despite promising themselves many times, the Estate Planning Advice of a profession, such as that provided by our Estate Planning Lawyers Adelaide team. The financial consequences can be disastrous.

It does not cost much to plan your estate or to have a Will drafted by a Will Lawyer. Don’t wait, for the sake of your family and friends, until it is too late for you to get prepared.

In relation to deceased estates, our Estate Lawyers also prepare the necessary documents for Probate and Letters of Administration in the Probate Registry of South Australia. We also undertake the handling of the Estate for (or together with) you thereafter and provide you with the advice you need in what can seem a difficult and complicated area of Law.

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