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T Legal Probate Lawyers Adelaide are experienced Probate and Letters of Administration Lawyers in Adelaide and South Australia. We also advise as to your rights in Contesting a Will. We understand that losing a loved one is a difficult time, however, eventually the time comes to administer the assets of your loved one. One of our experienced Adelaide Probate Lawyers and Estate specialists will be able to assist you quickly, efficiently and with respect for your situation if you desire advice as to your rights, even in Contesting a Will.

  • Probate Lawyers

T Legal Probate Lawyers Adelaide provide assistance and advice to executors who have been appointed to that position by a Will. Being an executor is an important duty, both to the estate and ultimately at law when you execute your Executor’s Oath. T Legal Probate Lawyers Adelaide can advise you in preparing the necessary documents to obtain Probate and then assist you in discharging your obligations to the estate through its Administration.

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  • Letters of Administration

When a person passes away without a Will, that persons next of kin must apply for Letters of Administration in order to administer the estate. T Legal Lawyers Adelaide can assist and advise you as to your rights and the complicated process of obtaining Letters of Administration and then administering the estate. We offer that advice at an affordable cost to the estate and as efficiently and quickly as possible.

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  • Contesting a Will

We understand that it is a difficult time when you are unfairly disadvantaged by the provisions of the Will of a loved one or relative. T Legal Lawyers Adelaide are able to provide confidential advice to you as to your rights at law to contest the Will. In certain circumstances the costs of such dispute and any subsequent legal proceedings, including your own costs, can be met by the estate. Our specialist Estate Dispute Lawyers can advise you if this may be applicable in your case.

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