Debt Collection

Debt Collection Adelaide

T Legal Lawyers Debt Collection Adelaide recovery service is fast and affordable. Our Debt Collection Lawyers can also advise you how to, and whether you can, recover some or all of the legal costs associated with debt collection and any following Court Proceedings

  • Debt Collection Adelaide

First and foremost, our team of Lawyers will advise of a strategy to be implemented in the Debt Collection. We will outline a “recovery strategy” based upon any contract with the debtor that is suitable given your business needs and the status of the debtor. Our Lawyers can prepare a letter of demand, issue Debt Collection proceedings in an Adelaide Court and then seek to obtain a Judgement.

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  • Enforcement of the Debt

Our Debt Collection Adelaide team can assist you in obtaining an order to seize the a debtors goods, sell them order to repay the debt, issue an Examination Summons (requiring the debtor to attend Court to display how they will pay the Debt), and Garnishees Orders (where the Court can order an employer, for instance, to pay money direct to you). Bankruptcy or winding up proceedings may also be considered or advisable.

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