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Are you an individual considering a Voluntary Bankruptcy? If you are, please contact T Legal Bankruptcy Lawyers Adelaide to discuss whether we can offer you fixed price Bankruptcy Advice and assist you in the preparation of all paperwork required to declare your bankruptcy. If you qualify, you will pay only $595.00 plus GST for the advice and assistance of one of our Experienced Adelaide Bankruptcy Lawyers (Conditions Apply). Call Now or Register Online.

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At T Legal Bankruptcy Lawyers Adelaide, we provide assistance and advice to individuals and business who are insolvent and struggling to pay their debt and bills as and when they fall due. There are a number of solutions to this, from Voluntary Bankruptcy to informal or formal Debt Repayment Agreements. Our Adelaide Bankruptcy Lawyers can assist you throughout this process, providing you with the right advice to move forward into the next phase of you life and putting your debt problems behind you.

T Legal Bankruptcy Lawyers Adelaide also assist Creditors and Liquidators and advise in relation to debts owed, either by an insolvent individuals or businesses. We also provide detailed advice in relation to various liquidator claims including Preference Claims made against you or your business. We regularly issue or oppose Bankruptcy proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia and Winding Up proceedings of an incorporated company in that jurisdiction as well as in the Supreme Court of South Australia.

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