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T Legal Lawyers Adelaide are now a “Gold Alliance” Law Firm

T Legal Lawyers are proud to announce they are now a Law Society of South Australia  “Gold Alliance” Law Firm. Our Adelaide and Port Adelaide lawyers are continuing members of the Law Society of South Australia.

Can I Terminate My Building Contract?

Delays and endless promises together with increased costs lead to rash decisions. When things don’t go to plan on a new build or a renovation, a common question from our clients is “How do I terminate my building contract?”
Well, there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it, and in all instances you should first seek legal advice, as incorrect termination could have significant consequences.
Building contracts are typically long winded and complex in a commercial setting and, even in a residential setting, can be quite complicated for a layperson to understand.

The Future of Law: disappearing legal libraries, virtualised firms and super-specialism : Legal Practice Intelligence

See on – Lawyers AdelaideAustralian legal practice news, analysis, practice management and technology, law firm trends, law firm software reviews, international developments, economic trends affecting business of law, Legal Practice IntelligenceBrad Tarbotton’s insight:What is the future of the Australian Law Firm? This is a very informative article, and not just for the Legal industry. Many industries are changing they way they operate. We certainly agree the future will suit small but highly specialised law firms.See on

Brighton Caravan Park residents withdraw legal action against Holdfast Bay … – Adelaide Now

See on – Lawyers AdelaideBrighton Caravan Park residents withdraw legal action against Holdfast Bay …Adelaide NowLawyers for the residents will on Monday ask District Court Judge Paul Slattery to halt proceedings, six weeks into the court action.See on

Adelaide Building Industry Beware (PPSR Update)

We knew about this one when the decision was handed down, but the ramifications are far reaching. How would you feel about losing equipment worth over $1.4 million dollar’s, just because you hired your equipment out? Well, it happened, read on.
(From our colleagues at Clifton Hall) With the transition period over and the PPSA now in full force, the building, construction and mining community has been eagerly awaiting further case law to clarify the application of the security provisions.

Can I make a Payment Claim in every Invoice – Security of Payment Act, South Australia

Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009 (SA)

The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009 (SA) commenced operating in South Australia on 10 December 2011. We at T Legal Lawyers know the Act well, having litigated the very first Application in the District Court of South Australia pursuant to the Act in late 2012.

US “Fiscal Cliff” Looming, Guaranteed Recession

The euro zone has stepped back from the brink of disaster for now, but the global economy could soon be staring into another abyss if U.S. politicians fail to head off $600 billion in automatic austerity that all but guarantees a new recession.

You Can’t Eat Bytes

If there is a dollar crisis in Australia, it won’t be all bad news. Some companies will enjoy a huge benefit from a lower dollar. This could easily lead to a change in the leadership of the stock market. The most popular and widely held stocks won’t be the banks and the miners. They’ll be…

Warnings before Dismissal of an Employee: How Many?

A mistake that Australian employers sometimes make is to create unnecessary “restrictions” in their workplace policies. A workplace “policy” is a set of rules of procedures created by the business in respect of its business practices.

One question I am often asked by my clients is “How many warnings do I need to give an employee before I can dismiss them (under Australian Law)?”.

There is a long held misconception that an Australian employer must give 3 warnings before dismissal of an employee. However, surprisingly to some, this is what I refer to as a “HR myth”.

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